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BC Rich

1980’s BC Rich NJ Series Eagle - Red (USED)

1980’s BC Rich NJ Series Eagle - Red (USED)

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This guitar is a 1980’s BC Rich NJ series Eagle. These instruments were made overseas and were part of BC Rich’s more affordable line. Sources say these were made in Japan, Korea, and China depending on when they were made. We unfortunately don’t know where this one was made, but it appears to be from the 1980’s (early 90’s at the absolute latest). This guitar has lots of wear and tear throughout (knicks, dings, scratches, etc.) but is structurally stable and plays and sounds great. Bridge pickup was replaced with a Seymour Duncan, not sure which model, and the neck pickup is stock. If your looking for a cool 80’s hair metal/shred guitar, at a good price, this will be right up your alley. It nails all of those classic tones! Does not have a bag or case.

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