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2002 Martin D-42: S# 869535 (USED)

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Want a deal on a nicely broken in, and top of the line Martin, look no further than this D-42! Dated to 2001, this instrument has been taken out and played and it has a few marks to prove it. The first thing you’ll notice is the toner in the top has aged to a absolutely beautiful hue that makes the abalone inlay work just pop. Throughout this instrument there are some dings and scratches (again this thing was gigged and is over 20 years old), but there is nothing that effects the structural integrity or playability of the instrument. Speaking of playability, WOW! This guitar has been broken in and is insanely resonate. Pick this thing lightly with the fingers and it’s soft and sweet but hit it with a pick and it will absolutely bark. This instrument appears to have a had a strap button installed in the heel that has since been removed and also has a passive pickup installed which appears to be a K&K. With the instrument is the original case with paperwork and a work ticket from a previous service. Instrument has had frets 2 & 3 replaced and the remaining leveled and dressed.