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Ampeg SVT-810E Bass Cabinet (USED)

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This cab is in really good condition with only a few small signs of wear throughout. A pair of guitar hangers have been installed, one on each side, which comes in handy if you are playing out and need somewhere to put your basses. Comes with the original cover!


Ampeg enclosures have been setting the standard in bass tone for decades, and your Ampeg SVT-810E bass cabinet is no exception. Affectionately known as "The Fridge," this massive bottom-end box of boom brings the heavy with eight 10" speakers in a Baltic birch plywood enclosure, dual 1/4" and secure Neutrik Speakon inputs/outputs, a tilt-back handle bar, and a protective skid rails for easy transport. This workhorse cab pushes out a maximum SPL of 130 dB and is built to take the abuse of the road, delivering on all expectations the Ampeg name elicits.

The Power of Eight 10" Speakers

There's a reason Ampeg decided to go with eight separate 10" speakers: sonic efficiency. Ampeg learned that 15" or 18" speakers don't dish out the same sonic effectiveness as 10" speakers do, and the eight 10" speakers in your SVT-810E respond to transient peaks more quickly than larger speakers. This cab has a maximum SPL of 130 dB, so you can really push the volume hard without worrying about your signal becoming distorted.

Unchanged Matchless Design Since the Late '60s

Your SVT-810E bass cab is virtually identical to the original SVT-810. The renowned Infinite Baffle design features a sealed enclosure which keeps your tone nice and tight, resulting a rigid and focused sound. This baby has been featured with such artists as John McVie of Fleetwood Mac, Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath, and Chris Squire from Yes.

Durability and Mobility

Weighing in at 165 pounds, this beastly cab is built like a tree trunk, but that doesn't mean it has to be immobile like one. Your SVT-810E bass cab comes with a tilt-back handle bar and protective skid rails for easy transport. You'll be able to set this baby up in no time for sound check without any unnecessary heaving. Dual 1/4" and Speakon inputs/outputs means that your connecting cables will be secure and ready to project your signal reliably every time.


- Wide frequency response of 58 Hz to 5 KHz at -3 dB
- 2 x 400 watts of handling for stereo; 800 watts for mono
- Nominal impedance of 2 x 8 ohms for stereo, 4 ohms for mono
- Tilt back handle bar and protective skid rails for easy transport
- Maximum SPL of 130 dB
- Each magnet weighs in at 30 ounces
- Built with Baltic birch plywood
- Dual Neutrik Speakon and 1/4" input/output jacks
- Sensitivity of 100 dB
- Usable low frequency of 40 Hz at -10 dB
- Weighs in at 165 pounds