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Beetronics FX Overhive Mid-gain Overdrive Pedal (NEW)

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Transparent low gain and pummeling high gain — the Beetronics FX Overhive mid-gain overdrive pedal expertly weaves between these two extremes, delivering a “just-right” level of medium dirt with endless tonal versatility! This pedal’s harmonic-rich tone sports a savory touch sensitivity to your playing dynamics, and guitarists find that it has the wonderful quality of improving your amp and guitar’s base sound without losing its inherent sonic characteristics. Guitar sounding a bit thin? The Overhive's Body switch augments your tone a thick low end boost, while the Hive switch is a great way to tighten up your tone and increase clarity. If you’re looking for a truly transparent OD pedal that gives you sweet, singing medium-gain sustain while respecting your base tone, then look no further than the Beetronics FX Overhive!

Beetronics FX Overhive Mid-gain Overdrive Features:

  • Exceptionally transparent OD pedal with a mid-gain twist
  • Body switch fattens up your tone’s low end for full-range punch
  • Hive switch takes your tone between a massive, rich tone and a thinner, more cutting sound that’s ideal for dense mixes
  • Intuitive 3-knob control scheme
  • Compact slanted enclosure with plenty of old-school style
  • Gritty relic finish