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Digitech X-Series Bass Driver (USED)

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This pedal shows a few marks here and there, but is fully functional and has a great sound for the price! A perfect solution to beef up your bass tone if you are on a budget. Does not have original box.


The Bass Driver features three different bass overdrive distortion pedal models to select from. These can be morphed to create new multi-model bass -overdrive sounds.


Level -adjusts the overall effect level.

Tone - uses special Spectral -Contouring equalization. This adjusts a broader range of frequencies, which provides greater tonal control than is found in typical stomp box tone controls.

Blend - adjusts the mix of the dry signal with the effected signal.

Morph - selects or morphs through 3 overdrive models, including the TS9 Tube Screamer, the Rat and DigiTech's DigiFuzz.

Dual Outputs. The Normal output is for connecting directly to the input of your bass amplifier. The Mixer output utilizes CIT and is for connecting directly to a mixing board or headphone preamp.