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DryBell Unit67 Compressor (USED)

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This pedal had one previous owner and was VERY well cared for. Comes in the original boxes with wrapping. Unit is fully functional and sounds great!

This pedal and more is in stock and available for demo at Allen Music. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work for you!

DryBell Unit 67 Boost/Compressor Features:

Model: U-1

Manufacturer Part Number: DB2436

Input impedance: 900kΩ/1kHz

Output impedance: 250 Ω/1kHz

Max input level w/o compressor clipping: 4,5 Vpp / 6,2 dBu

Max output level: 20.0 Vpp / 19,2 dBu

Max bypass level w/o clipping: 14.0 Vpp / 16,1 dBu

Max gain (EQ = off, Sustain = 0): 22,4 dB

Max gain (EQ/BOOST on max): 41,0 dB (mid-range freq.)

External power supply: Adapter 9V DC, (9.0Vmin -18Vmax), 100mA minimum

Power supply connector type: Barrel, Plug 5.5mm/2.1mm, Center Negative

Nominal current (with guitar): 87mA
Length: 112 mm / 4,42 inch

Standard color/finish: Silver metallic matte / Powder Coating