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Fender Tre-Verb Tremolo/Reverb Pedal (NEW)

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Vintage Fender guitar amplifiers are known just as well for their iconic tremolo and reverb circuits as they are for their epic tone. With the Fender Tre-Verb tremolo and reverb pedal, you can add that iconic sound to your favorite guitar amplifier. Based on Fender spring reverb units from 1963 and 1965, as well as a best-of selection of tremolo types, the Tre-Verb pedal delivers definitive '60s guitar sounds on demand. Stereo inputs and outputs make this pedal ideal for multi-amp setups and for keyboard players looking to add some excitement to electric piano sounds. Complete with a rugged metal case, the Fender Tre-Verb pedal could be the final polish your guitar tone needs.

Fender Tre-Verb Pedal Features:

  • Tremolo and reverb pedal based on classic Fender amp circuits
  • Drippy spring reverb based on 1963 and 1965 spring reverb units
  • Multiple tremolo modes based on iconic Fender tube amp tremolo
  • Stereo I/O for multi-amp rigs or for keyboard players looking for vintage EP tone
  • Tap tempo for tremolo rate
  • Rugged yet lightweight anodized aluminum chassis
  • LED-backlit knobs make it easy to see your settings on a dark stage