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Fishman Matrix Infinity VT Acoustic Pickup - Narrow Saddle with Installation included.

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This listing is for the $179.95 Infinity Matrix plus $50 install labor by our in house technician = $229.95.  The install must be done at our shop here at 215 Kentucky Ave on an acoustic guitar that matches up to the specifications of this pickup.  

The Matrix Infinity VT is the latest of Fishman's flagship Matrix series, with the clear, transparent tone that the company is known for. It all starts with the Acoustic Matrix, Fishman's best-selling under-saddle pickup. A redesigned, sealed enclosure for the Infinity VT's soundhole-mounted Volume and Tone controls make adjusting your sound effortless. A soft-touch endpin-mounted preamp offers top-notch sound and touch response. The Tone control cuts mids while boosting treble and bass. Beyond that, a voicing switch accommodates your guitar's body size and performance situation. The Matrix Infinity VT employs solderless connections for easy installation.