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Fulltone 70-BC Fuzz Pedal (NEW)

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The Fulltone '70 hearkens back to day when Fuzz was Fuzz. If you want polite, this isn't for you! Using a pair of intentionally mismatched silicon transistors, this fuzz pedal snarls and spits (the mismatch is all about harmonic content). Setting the Fuzz at "10" opens the doors to tones that will rip the flesh - not for the faint-hearted! Housed in a deep blue 16-gauge steel box, this monster offers more aggressive fuzz than the '69 and includes a mid control for extra clarity. The '70 provides some mean fuzz!


Fulltone '70 Features:


Classic Fuzz tones


Mismatched silicon transistors for harmonic content


Built to last from top-notch and custom-built components


Proprietary PCB board mounting method


Aggressive tone


Mid control for clarity and cut