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Fulltone Catalyst (USED)

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The Fulltone Catalyst distortion pedal is like three units in one pedalboard-friendly stompbox! You get very cool fuzz tones that be easily switched to more conventional distortion tones. Plus, you get very useful clean boost utility (great for pumping up those leads or maximizing other effects in the signal chain) and a great-sounding overdrive — all from a handy little box that's astoundingly easy to use at home, onstage, or in the studio. The Catalyst features a very intuitive control layout, with large Volume and Gain knobs, smaller Bass/Mids and Treble knobs, and a Flame/Spark switch that lets you effortlessly move from fuzz to crunch. You can transform your amp rig with one pedal; all you need is a Catalyst!

Fulltone Catalyst Distortion/Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal Features:

Compact and tough metal chassis

Volume and Gain knobs

Bass/Mids and Treble mini-knobs

Flame/Spark switch

Produce an array of fuzz, distortion, and overdrive tones

Use it as an effective clean boost pedal