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JHS Legends Series Smiley 1969 London Fuzz (USED)

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This pedal was purchase from the original owner and is fully functional and in overall great condition. Does not have the original box or paperwork.


From the JHS Legends of Fuzz series of vintage-inspired fuzz pedals, the Smiley is a spot-on re-creation of a classic silicon fuzz pedal that is inextricably linked to the incendiary guitar tones of Jimi Hendrix. Josh Scott and the team at JHS pored over Josh’s personal collection of wide-smiling fuzz boxes to create Smiley, calling up the blistering sustain and formidable crunch heard on Jimi’s records as well as on countless other tracks from the likes of David Gilmour, Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson, and Jack White. Guitarists at Sweetwater have stomped the faces of numerous iterations of the Smiley’s iconic predecessor, and this is one of the finest versions we’ve ever heard — aggressive, sonorous, and dripping with vintage mojo. Take it from us: the JHS Smiley is guaranteed to have you grinning from ear to ear!

JHS Smiley Fuzz Pedal Features:

  • Faithful rendition of a classic silicon fuzz box
  • Biting mids and weighty, sustaining lows
  • Roll back your guitar’s volume knob for crisp, crunchy overdrive
  • Minimalist fuzz box with Volume and Fuzz controls
  • JHS Mode button provides a high-gain boost and gated-fuzz effects
  • Housed in a custom wedge-shaped bent-metal enclosure
  • Vintage-style knobs and full-metal badge plate
  • Optional battery power for authentic vintage operation