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L.R. Baggs

L.R. Baggs Venue DI (NEW)

L.R. Baggs Venue DI (NEW)

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Don't perform without the Venue DI! This compact pedal solves the big problems all acoustic guitarists face, and at great value too. Just plug your acoustic guitar into the Venue DI and it'll get your signal ready to be plugged into the mixer, preserving that natural sound of your guitar for the whole audience to hear. More than that, you can use the onboard 5-band EQ to tune your sound so it fits in nicely with the other instruments onstage, or doesn't compete with your lead vocals. You'll also love the built-in tuner for quick tune ups in between songs. There's more to know about the Venue DI, though.

LR Baggs Venue DI Acoustic Guitar DI, EQ, and Tuner Features:

3-in-one system for performing acoustic guitarists

Features adjustable gain for both passive and active pickups

Onboard tuner features a footswitch mute/tune function

4-band EQ with tunable low-mid and high-mid bands for shaping your sound

Phase inversion for best sound and feedback control

Adjustable volume boost footswitch gives you "oomph" when you need it

Full isolation audio transformer-coupled DI

4-segment clip meter to visually optimize gain setting

4-segment battery status gauge

XLR and 1/4" outputs for convenience

Series FX loops with separate jacks for send and return

Works with a 9V battery or an optional adapter

Includes a carrying case

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