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MXR M148 Micro Chorus Pedal (NEW)

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You're going to love this chorus effect! At first glance, the Micro Chorus may seem deceptively simple. But when you get your hand on that single knob, you'll soon realize that you can dial in a wide range of stellar analog tones. This '80s reissue gives you everything from watery shimmers to intense warbles. The Micro Chorus also features an old-school bucket-brigade system, so you get fat analog tones and the sort of sound quality you've come to expect from MXR. By the way, it's also a true-bypass pedal, so you can count on pure guitar tone when the MXR Micro Chorus is switched off.

MXR Micro Chorus Features at a Glance:
Compact chorus effect pedal

All-analog circuitry with bucket-brigade technology

Offers a wide range of rich chorus textures

True-bypass circuitry keeps your tone intact