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MXR M290 Phase 95 Mini Phaser Pedal (NEW)

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MXR has combined two of the most-used phaser pedals ever made in the MXR Mini Phase 95 pedal. The original Phase 90 pedal was a four-stage phaser that practically defined the phaser sound for electric guitar, and the Phase 45 that followed was a two-stage phaser that delivered a smoother sound that blended better with certain music styles. You get both flavors in the MXR Mini Phase 95 pedal, switchable with the 45/90 toggle switch. The "Script" switch toggles feedback in the effect, providing a pronounced sweep when on and a lusher, more subdued sound when off. Many Sweetwater guitarists choose MXR phasers for their pedalboards, and the MXR Mini Phase 95 pedal offers two iconic phaser effects in a single road-worthy stompbox.

MXR Mini Phase 95 Effects Pedal Features at a Glance:

Phaser effects pedal for electric guitar

Based on two classic phaser pedals: the Phase 90 and the Phase 45

Toggle between two-stage phasing and four-stage phasing with the 45/90 switch

"Script" switch toggles feedback for a more pronounced "swoosh" or a more subdued effect

Compact, rugged pedal is perfect for any pedalboard