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MXR Poly Blue Octave Pedal (NEW)

MXR Poly Blue Octave Pedal (NEW)

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Octaves? Check. Modulation? Check. Fuzz? Check. MXR has a long history when it comes to octave pedals, but the Poly Blue Octave really takes it up a notch. This potent pedal comes loaded with four knobs dedicated to mixing in its quartet of octave functions: one up, two up, one down, two down. The default setting is designed for a polyphonic mode, meaning that whole chords will sound just as supple as individual notes. If you’re looking for an old-school octave sound, mono mode provides a gritty analog warmth — a sound that Sweetwater guitarists find perfect for pairing with the built-in fuzz. As if that weren’t enough, MXR loaded the Poly Blue Octave with a modulation knob that has two distinct tones depending on whether you’re using poly or mono mode. If you’re looking for an amazingly versatile multi-effect octave pedal in a small, rugged form factor, then look no further than MXR’s Poly Blue Octave.

MXR Poly Blue Octave Pedal Features:

  • 4 separate octave knobs that can be run simultaneously: 1 up, 2 up, 1 down, 2 down
  • Dry level control to mix in your regular signal with pitch-shifted tones
  • Polyphonic design means that chords will sound just as good as single notes
  • Mono switch offers a vintage and gritty analog-style sound
  • Built-in fuzz that’s inspired by the MXR Blue Box
  • Dual-modulation circuit that mimics a classic Leslie-style sound in poly mode; mono mode offers sounds inspired by the MXR Phase 90
  • EXP jack to connect an outboard expression pedal
  • Tough metal housing with a true-bypass switch
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