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Mythos Pedals

Mythos Pedals Herculean Overdrive V2 (4-Knob) (NEW)

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original Herculean was one of the first pedals we introduced and the V2 is the culmination of everything we loved from the original and all we've learned in the past 10 years. For this 4 knob overdrive went back to the drawing board, removing what we deemed unnecessary from the original and tweaked the functions we loved. Herculean V2 covers a lot of ground sonically, from a fat booster to pushed OD to some quasi D-style amp tones (if we may be so bold). In addition to your standard volume and gain controls you have a Clarity and Bass control.

The Clarity knob is your "Transparency" control, go from a darker smoky tone reminiscent of classic green dirt boxes, or clear and ringing tones that help lift darker guitars up in the mix. The Bass control set to 0 you have that classic slight bass cut, set to noon it has a nice full low end, and as you increase from there you add low end and really thicken up your gain sound. The tonal combinations are huge and work well for almost any playing style.

Top Mount Jacks
Great for as a “clean-ish” booster
Wide range of gain sounds.
The Clarity allows you dial in just the right amount of Transparency.
Bass control allows you to add in just enough low end. Don't be afraid to set it fully counter-clockwise!
Top quality jacks, switch, pots, and components throughout.
Approx. 10 mA Current Draw