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PRS SK112-OVT 1x12” (NEW)

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Do you want a vintage tone to match your Sonzera or 2-channel Custom amplifier? Check out the PRS Stealth 1 x 12" extension cabinet! Loaded with a premium Celestion V-type speaker, this ruggedly built cab features a classy color scheme that looks great. The PRS Stealth 1 x 12" also gives you the great tone you'd expect from a classic open-back cabinet, plus a range of expression that complements any style of music.

PRS Stealth 1 x 12" Cabinet Features:

1 x 12" extension cabinet for Sonzera and 2-channel Custom amplifiers

Celestion V-type speaker yields classic British tone with a warm body and distinctive growl

Exhibits expressive low end, clear midrange, and chiming highs

Complements any style of music and brings out the best in your amplifier

Features an attractive closed-weave grille
Rugged birch plywood construction