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Sterling By Music Man Axis Quilted Maple Electric Guitar - Spectrum Red (NEW)

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Engineered for the modern musician, Sterling by Music Man's Axis guitar is a staple among contemporary rockers and beyond. This axe is designed to dazzle, with a gorgeous quilted maple top, paired with a hard maple neck and fingerboard for a sound that’s clear, crisp, and never lacking in presence. Of course, it doesn’t stop with the looks, thanks to the dual-humbucker setup and the 5-way selector, allowing you to dial in a variety of tones across all 22 frets. The asymmetrical neck and generous cutaway ensure comfortable, accommodating access throughout. Sweetwater’s guitar gurus agree that players with a pension for panache will appreciate that fulcrum tremolo, providing ample room for expressive play, and the accompanying nut to keep your tones buzz-free.


Sterling by Music Man Axis Quilted Maple Features:

  • Quilted maple-topped jabon body imbues brightness and projection, with a distinctive warmth, to your sound
  • Hard maple neck and fingerboard deliver singing sustain, excellent note separation, and tremendous clarity
  • Asymmetrical neck profile is wider at the final fret, making it easier to anchor your playstyle anywhere along the fingerboard
  • 22 narrow frets sprawl a 12-inch fingerboard radius, accommodating numerous playstyles with ease
  • 5-bolt neck attachment means structural and sonic security with ample access to the upper register
  • 2 humbuckers are engineered for versatility
  • 5-way pickup selector allows you to split coils for greater musical adaptability
  • Dedicated tone and volume knobs are unintrusive, responsive, and reliable
  • Polyphenylene Sulfide 1.65-inch nut remains sturdy while keeping your sound free of unwanted buzz
  • Fulcrum tremolo guarantees endless expressive possibilities in any genre