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The Loar LM-310F Honey Creek F-Style Mandolin (NEW)

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As their name would suggest, The Loar craft exemplary mandolins with hand-carved tops made from solid tonewoods, bringing a wealth of fantastic tones to country, bluegrass, folk, Americana, and more. Specifically, the LM-310F Honey Creek F-style Mandolin offers a playing experience you can’t beat. Its gorgeous hand-carved solid spruce top, maple neck, back, and sides, and padauk fretboard bring rich tone with plenty of projective punch to the table. You’ll find this mandolin supremely comfortable to play with its Thin "V"-shaped neck carve that sits easily in the hand and a unique fretboard design that makes fretting all the easier. Seriously, this is one mandolin you need to play for yourself.

The Loar LM-310F Honey Creek F-style Mandolin Features:

Hand-carved solid spruce top delivers classic tone with plenty of projection

Maple back, sides, and neck offer bright richness

F-style body with cutaway ensures excellent upper-fret access

Neck with traditional Thin “V” profile makes precision fretting and single-note runs easy and comfortable

Classic style mandolin that can cut through modern day ensembles

Removed fretboard extension beyond 20th fret so you don’t get hung up on upper frets

Internal sound chamber bracing with longitudinal tone bars improves tonal balance