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Ross Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal (NEW)

Ross Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal (NEW)

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Lush, watery, and sporting an all-analog bucket brigade design, the Ross Chorus pedal marks the revival of a chorus classic. Devotees of the old-school Ross Chorus will be thrilled to hear that this JHS-built pedal perfectly captures the original model’s circuit in full vintage-accurate detail. From a super-subtle sway to choppy modulation, the Ross Chorus’ standard mode will cover all your analog chorus needs. Moreover, the Ross Chorus also includes an all-new alternate voice, accessed by the click of the side switch: Pitch vibrato mode. As the name implies, this setting unlocks a plethora of wavy and seasick analog vibrato tones to explore. It’s all topped off with a faithful replica of Ross’ iconic slanted top and recessed knob enclosure. Whether you’re a fan of the Ross Chorus’ initial incarnation or vintage-accurate analog bucket brigade tone, the Ross Chorus’ one-two punch of compelling chorus and vibrant vibrato makes it a truly must-have modulation pedal!

Ross Chorus Pedal Features:

  • A vintage-accurate re-imagining of the original Ross Chorus pedal, designed and built by JHS in Kansas City, Mo.
  • Contains all the classic all-analog bucket brigade chorus of the original pedal, along with an all-new vibrato mode that’s activated by clicking the side switch
  • Simple, intuitive 2-knob control scheme, with Rate and Depth knobs
  • Several modern enhancements, including a lowered noise floor and soft-touch bypass
  • Vintage-inspired slanted enclosure and recessed knobs


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