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Fishman AFX Pro EQ Mini Acoustic Preamp & EQ (NEW)

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Boasting superior sonic architecture from Fishman’s Platinum series of preamps, the AFX Pro EQ Mini is a 2-in-1 preamp/equalizer powerhouse designed from the ground up for active and passive acoustic-electric instruments. Fishman is renowned for its acoustic-electric preamp systems’ sheer quality. The AFX Pro EQ Mini continues that streak by optimizing every aspect of your instrument’s plugged-in tone. A preamp of this caliber deserves more than a simple tone control, so Fishman equipped the AFX Pro EQ Mini with an incredibly powerful 5-band EQ to sculpt your sound. Lastly, the AFX Pro EQ Mini features both true bypass and buffered bypass operation to seamlessly slot into any preexisting pedalboard setup.

Fishman AFX Pro EQ Mini Acoustic Preamp and Equalizer Pedal Features:

  • Top-quality 2-in-1 preamp and equalizer pedal for both active and passive instruments
  • Preamp based on the highly renowned Fishman Platinum series
  • Fine-tuned for use with acoustic-electric instruments
  • 4 bands of acoustic tone control to shape your sound: Bass, Middle, Treble, and Brilliance
  • Sweepable Low Cut control gives you incredible control over your signal’s bass response
  • Features both true bypass and buffered bypass
  • Phase Control to fight feedback
  • Small size easily slots into a pedalboard