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Fishman AFX Pocket Blender Mini A/B/Y + DI (NEW)

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An A/B/Y splitter, DI box, 2-channel mixer, and clean booster all in one, the Fishman AFX Pocket Blender Mini packs a serious amount of utility into a bite-size box. Perfect for Fishman acoustic-electric guitar systems with an onboard mic and an under-saddle pickup, the AFX Pocket Blender splits your TRS cable’s tip and ring outputs into one of the four switchable A/B/Y combinations that you can instantly swap between using the footswitch. Even better, this pedal’s four level faders (two for each signal) on the input mixer make it a breeze to construct two vastly different presets comprised of your combined tip and ring signals. Lastly, this little pedal also comes equipped with several utility features, including a balanced DI output, A/B/Y output, and ground lift toggle to smooth over your setup when you’re onstage.

Fishman AFX Pocket Blender Mini A/B/Y + DI Pedal Features:

  • An exceptionally portable A/B splitter pedal that allows you to individually adjust the level of both the tip and ring signal of a TRS cable
  • Ideal for Fishman acoustic-electric guitar systems that feature both a soundhole pickup and an onboard mic
  • 4 different A/B combinations of the tip/ring signal that can be instantly swapped between using the footswitch: A+B/A, A+B/B, A+B/Mute, and A/B
  • Ideal for setting up 2 distinct tones in your set, such as a hot lead with your under-saddle pickup and a tamer rhythm tone with a split between your mic and pickup
  • A/B/Y output, with a balanced DI output for going straight into a PA
  • Switchable Ground/Lift control to defeat unwanted hum and noise
  • Can also function as a clean boost pedal by cranking up a signal’s level
  • Primarily for stereo sources, but can also serve as a Y splitter for mono sources