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Fishman AFX Broken Record Looper/Sampler (NEW)

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Simplify your looping and sampling with Fishman’s 1-button AFX Broken Record Looper/Sampler! This highly intuitive looper pedal can hold up to six minutes of 24-bit, 44.1kHz audio, with infinite sound-on-sound overdub capability to build up massively layered loops. Moreover, the AFX Broken Record also offers a sampling mode that allows you to load up WAV samples via USB for customized soundscapes or simply jam-along backing tracks. Need to slot your AFX Broken Record into a mammoth pre-existing pedalboard setup? Guitarists love how the AFX Broken Record features both true bypass and buffered bypass modes to optimize your signal chain. It may be a broken record, but this pedal delivers top-class looping power!

Fishman AFX Broken Record Looper/Sampler Pedal Features:

  • Simple, intuitive 1-button looper pedal with 6 minutes of top-quality recording
  • Endless overdub capability to layer up your loops
  • Easily connect to a computer via USB to save your loops or even load custom WAV files for backing tracks in Sample mode
  • Offers both true bypass and buffered bypass operation
  • Built-in memory saves your loops even when the pedal is turned off