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Electro-Harmonix x JHS Lizard Queen Octave Fuzz Pedal (NEW)

Electro-Harmonix x JHS Lizard Queen Octave Fuzz Pedal (NEW)

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A collaboration between Electro-Harmonix, JHS Pedals, and acclaimed artist/illustrator Daniel Danger, the Lizard Queen is a fire-breather of an octave fuzz pedal straight out of EHX’s early ’70s golden age. The Lizard Queen has a fully blendable analog octave-up effect that will take you anywhere from a slight clang to maxed-out, vintage-octave madness. In lieu of a standard tone control, the Lizard Queen’s Balance knob features two distinct sonic voices at each end of the knob’s spectrum, functioning as a hybrid tone/gain control that unlocks myriad hard-clipped sounds to savor. The Lizard Queen pedal features a fixed-level fuzz circuit fine-tuned for maximum wall-of-sound might. For an idea that began life as a vintage-inspired daydream between JHS founder Josh Scott and Daniel Danger, the EHX Lizard Queen is truly a top-class octave fuzz pedal that’s earned its regal reptile status in the Electro-Harmonix pedal pantheon!

Electro-Harmonix + JHS Pedals Lizard Queen Octave Fuzz Pedal Features:

  • Designed by Josh Scott of JHS and artist Daniel Danger; produced by stompbox legends Electro-Harmonix
  • Aesthetics inspired by Electro-Harmonix’s early ’70s heyday
  • Fixed-level fuzz circuit
  • Analog octave-up knob allows you to blend in everything from all-out octave madness to no octave at all
  • Unique Balance knob sweeps between 2 distinct tonal voices: the smooth Shadow and the aggressive Sun
  • Nano-sized enclosure saves space on a busy pedalboard
  • True bypass design keeps your tone clean when the pedal is disengaged
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