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Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio Mako Series M1 High-Fidelity Modulation Machine Pedal (USED)

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USED INFORMATION: This pedal is in great condition and is fully functional. Comes with the original box, paper work, etc.

NEW INFORMATION: Walrus Audio’s M1 Modulation Pedal is an all-in-one modulation machine that delivers all the warbles and wow and flutter you could ever ask for. In the spirit of their highly customizable Mako Series, the M1 is perfect for brave sonic explorers who covet wild chorus, phaser, tremolo, vibe, rotary, and filter tones. Each one of the pedal's six effects has three distinct settings, with limitless creative potential via the wealth of adjustable knobs and switches. Considering the sheer sound-crafting potential the M1 offers, the nine onboard presets (128 via MIDI) represent a favorite feature among guitarists — they’re a lifesaver when playing live or when needing to capture that perfectly dialed-in sound for later. From '70s phase tones to classic rotary speaker sounds, the Walrus Audio M1 is the ideal tool to unlock your creative potential!

Walrus Audio Mako Series M1 High-Fidelity Modulation Machine Pedal Features:

6 highly customizable modulation effects, each with 3 distinct types

Dedicated Lo-Fi Knob that produces different effects based on the Tweak and Tune control settings

Tweak knob with a 3-way switch to control Shape, Division, and Type

Tune knob with a 3-way switch for creative control over Tone, Symmetry and a Dedicated “X” setting for effect-specific parameters

Tap/Skip footswitch to engage a momentary effect that mimics a needle skipping on a record

9 onboard presets, with 128 total accessible via midi functionality