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Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo V2 (USED)

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The Walrus Audio Monument V2 harmonic tap tremolo effects pedal puts a huge range of distinctive tremolo types at your feet, with a Tap tempo switch for hands-free control over the tremolo rate. Four different time division settings allow you to precisely tailor the tremolo rhythm for any application. With five different waveshapes — sine, square, ramp, lumps, and random — you can explore trem effects from smooth and subtle to hard-chopped staccato. Complete with a harmonic tremolo mode for vintage rhythmic sweetness, the Walrus Audio Monument V2 is one of the most comprehensive tremolo pedals you'll find.

Walrus Audio Monument V2 Tremolo Pedal Features:

Tremolo effects pedal with tap tempo and 4 time division settings (quarter, triplet, 8th, and 16th notes)

Bypass switch can be held to ramp the tremolo rate

5 waveshapes range from smooth to hard edged

Switch between Standard and Harmonic tremolo modes for 2 distinct effects

Plenty of output gain available to make up for lost volume, or even use as a boost