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Way Huge

WM20 Smalls Series Conspiracy Theory Prefessional Overdrive

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This pedal had one previous owner but sounds and looks great! There is only two slight marks on the pedal as well as some Velcro on the bottom, but otherwise it is in extremely good condition.

This item and more is in stock and available for demo at Allen Music. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work for you!

If the Way Huge Conspiracy Theory bears a more than passing resemblance to a particularly lusted-after, gold-boxed, mid-gain overdrive, it's no coincidence. This single-wide amp driver masterfully captures the subtle sweetening, the indefinable mojo, that has made the original a key ingredient in countless pro guitarists' session setups. Conspiracy Theory boasts an extremely sensitive gain range and a highly musical tonal sweep. So whether you're driving tubes into crunch territory or lengthening leads with its sweet, silken sustain, Conspiracy Theory excels at all shades of sensibly-gained harmonic enhancement. Looking for legendary tone without the mythic price tag?

Way Huge Smalls Conspiracy Theory Professional Overdrive Pedal Features:

Way Huge's spin on a legendary gold-boxed overdrive

Reduced size is better suited to tight pedalboards

Sensitive gain range — perfect for driving tubes or lengthening leads

Sweet harmonics — enhance tones without upsetting amp/instrument character

Musical tonal sweep — usable tones at any setting

Low current draw — great for stacking