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Xotic Effects

Xotic RC Booster V2 (USED)

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This pedal is not mint, has a few marks throughout and velcro attached to the bottom, but is fully functional and comes with it’s original box!


The Xotic RC Booster-V2 provides you with super-transparent 20dB boost without altering your carefully crafted tone. And V2 offers an added gain channel for extra fatness. Take advantage of the +/-15dB range on the treble and bass EQ controls, and imbue your guitar sound with unbelievable harmonic complexity. The EQ controls also compensate for the extra bass boominess the volume boost may cause and are great for matching the response for multiple guitars.

Xotic RC Booster-V2 Pedal Features at a Glance:

Transparent boost pedal for electric guitar

Up to 20dB of boost for adding volume or sending your amp into overdrive

Added gain channel yields fatter tones
treble and bass EQ controls with +/-15dB range for fine-tuning your sound

True bypass switching removes the effect from your signal path when disengaged

Powered via 9-volt battery or optional AC adapter (sold separately)