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Alesis Harmony 32 32-Mini-Key Portable Keyboard

Alesis Harmony 32 32-Mini-Key Portable Keyboard

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Introduce your child to music with the Alesis Harmony 32, a fun and simple-to-use keyboard with 32 mini keys designed to make it easier to play for younger musicians with smaller hands. Compact and portable, it offers all the essentials for learning to tickle the ivories at home or on the go—300 realistic sounds including pianos, strings, brass, woodwinds, drums, mallets, guitars, synths, and even sound effects. Use the USB MIDI connectivity with educational software, and use the two built-in speakers when you want to play with a teacher or friend.

The Harmony 32 has 300 built-in auto-accompaniment rhythms in a variety of styles, giving your child a back-up band that can play in a variety of modern and traditional styles. There are 40 demo songs that are fun and easy for beginners to play along with. To inspire creativity, a song recorder function enables young players to capture their performances or musical ideas.

The built-in speakers project every note clearly, while the headphone jack automatically mutes the speakers for private performances. The keyboard is powered either via USB or with four AA batteries.

Use the included USB cable to connect the Harmony 32's USB-MIDI port to a Mac/Windows computer and interact with music educational or recording software. You can download Melodics to your desktop or tablet for practice that's fun, relevant, and effective, with a large variety of lessons and a learning structure that puts you in charge. Your chiild can learn with instant feedback, playing great-sounding music from modern genres.

Students will also appreciate three months of Skoove Premium Online Lessons and two months of unlimited live classes from TakeLessons, both included with the Harmony 32 keyboard. These online courses provide in-depth online piano classes that adapt to you and give you feedback.

Fun Keyboard to Introduce Your Child to Music

  • 32 mini keys (without velocity sensitivity)
  • 300 built-in sounds
  • 300 rhythms with full accompaniment
  • Song recorder to capture your musical ideas
  • Play along with 40 demo songs
  • The headphone jack mutes the built-in speakers for private practice
  • USB-MIDI port to connect to a computer for use with educational and recording software
  • Learn with Melodics interactive lessons
  • Small, lightweight, and very portable
  • Powered via USB or by four AA batteries
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