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Alto Professional TrueMix 800FX 8-channel Analog Mixer with Multi-FX

Alto Professional TrueMix 800FX 8-channel Analog Mixer with Multi-FX

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Ideal for live sound reinforcement in small venues, band practices, and home or project studio recording, the TrueMix 800 from Alto Professional is an 8-channel analog mixer with a portable form factor, stereo USB recording functionality, and 16 Alesis FX with a dedicated return channel. Four mic preamps and phantom-powered XLR inputs are provided, along with Hi-Z instrument inputs as well as two stereo line input channels for keyboards and similar sources, all sporting 2-band shelving EQ control, pan, volume, gain, monitor, and EFX controls.

 The TrueMix 800 also includes an RCA-based 2-track input with a dedicated gain knob as well as a 2-track RCA output, and you can utilize two buttons to either send 2-track/USB input to the main stereo 1/4" output, or to the 1/4" headphones outputs. A convenient stereo Bluetooth channel is also provided for streaming audio directly from smart devices. This mixer includes a power supply and a USB-B to USB-A data cable to get you started.

Alto Professional 800 FX


  • For Live Sound and Project Studios
  • 4 Mic Preamps with XLR & Phantom Power
  • Two Stereo 1/4" Channels
  • RCA 2-Track Input and Record Out
  • Two-Band EQ on Each Channel
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Channel
  • 16 Built-In Alesis FX with FX Return
  • USB for Stereo Record/Playback
  • 2-Track I/O Source/Destination Selection
  • Includes Power Supply and USB Cable
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