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Boss RE-202 Space Echo

Boss RE-202 Space Echo

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The Roland RE-201 Space Echo stands tall as one of the most innovative and inspirational delay effects units in music history. Nearly 50 years later, the distinctive echoes and unique character of the RE-201 is revived in the BOSS RE-202 Space Echo Digital Delay Pedal, meticulously crafted to deliver 1:1 performance yet packaged in a pedalboard-friendly enclosure. Classic controls for bass, treble, repeat rate, and more will feel familiar to experienced users yet easy enough for first-time players to access that special Space Echo charm, with added Saturation and Wow and Flutter knobs to dial in extra color and modulation, respectively. Modern guitarists looking for extra flexibility and functionality in their digital delays have a lot to love in the RE-202, with four onboard presets for instant recall of your favorite sounds, Warp and Twist footswitch controls, and so much more. Channel the sound and feel of a delay effect deity with the BOSS RE-202 Space Echo Digital Delay Pedal!

BOSS RE-202 Space Echo Digital Delay Pedal Features:

The timeless sound and feel of Roland's RE-201 immortalized in a modern-playing pedal

Delivers coveted multi-head echoes with expanded delay time

Includes all original 11 echo combinations with an additional 12th courtesy of a fourth tape head

Independent stereo reverb section includes original spring reverb as well as hall, plate, room, and ambience

Saturation control dials in compression and preamp coloration; Wow and Flutter control adds in different levels of tape modulation

Tape button swaps between "new" and "aged" tape sounds for even greater sonic variety

Input button toggles between Guitar and Level modes to match any rig

4 onboard "Memories" expandable to 127 via MIDI

Warp and Twist your sound via delineated footswitches

Stereo I/O; tap tempo and carryover functions

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