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CAD Bodypack For Stagepass IEM Wireless System

CAD Bodypack For Stagepass IEM Wireless System

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This Bodypack Wireless Receiver is designed to work with the CAD Stagepass IEM Stereo Wireless In-Ear Monitor System. The belt pack receiver can operate on 16 selectable UHF channels with a run time of +10 hours when powered by a pair of AA alkaline batteries. The receiver features an integrated belt clip, a non-detachable antenna, and a top mounted combination on/off switch and volume control. The included MEB2 earbuds connect to the receiver via a top mounted 1/8" stereo headphone jack.

The receiver delivers a frequency response of 40 to 16,000 Hz with a dynamic range of over 101 dBA and a maximum output power of 100 mW into a 32 ohm load, which makes it more than capable of driving the included 22 ohms balanced armature based earbuds.


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