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CAD GXLIEMBP Bodypack Receiver with MEB1 Earbuds

CAD GXLIEMBP Bodypack Receiver with MEB1 Earbuds

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The CAD GXLIEMBP is a bodypack receiver for the GXLIEM series in-ear wireless monitoring system. It comes with a pair of MEB1 earphones and can receive a mono mix from either a GXLIEM, GXLIEM2, or GXLIEM4 transmitter base.

Fast to Set Up and Easy to Use

  • ScanLink technology with infrared transmitter setup precisely scans 16 frequencies and selects the cleanest channel for clear audio at a range up to 100'. Quickly pair the transmitter and receiver at the press of a button.
  • High-contrast LCD displays show frequency channel and battery level.
  • The bodypack receiver is equipped with a volume knob for comfortable listening and operates for up to 10 hours on two AA batteries. The auto-lock feature prevents settings from being altered accidentally.
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