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CAD WX1000HH Wireless Cardioid Handheld Microphone System

CAD WX1000HH Wireless Cardioid Handheld Microphone System

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The CAD WX1000BP is a versatile rackmount wireless cardioid handheld microphone system that brings reliable transmission and quality audio to presenters, singers, performers, clergy, and instructors. Fast to set up and easy to operate, it is suitable for A/V installations in business and educational settings, houses of worship, or on musical stages.

TX1000 Handheld Mic Tailored for Clear Vocals and Speech

  • The TX1000 handheld mic/transmitter is equipped with a dynamic mic capsule optimized for clarity and speech intelligibility. Its cardioid polar pattern focuses audio capture on the speaker or singer holding the mic, minimizing unwanted background noise and feedback.

Easy-to-Use System That's Quick to Set Up

  • Quick to set up with the press of a button, the receiver autoscans 100 selectable frequencies to locate a clean RF channel that's free from interference and delivers clear audio at a range up to 295'. Use the Set button to sync the receiver with the transmitter via IR, and you're ready to go.
  • The handheld mic/transmitter features a volume control to accommodate varying speech/vocal levels. It provides up to 12 hours of operation on two AA batteries with a battery-level indicator on both the transmitter and receiver, so you know when to replace the batteries.
  • Backlit LCD displays on the transmitter and receiver show frequency, mute status, battery life, and more.
  • The receiver's rear-panel connections include a balanced XLR and an unbalanced 1/4" output connector to connect to any mixing board or PA system.
  • The all-metal, half-rack receiver can be rackmounted in portable flight cases or for permanent installations with the included hardware.

WX1000HH Wireless System at a Glance

  • Handheld mic/transmitter included
  • Dynamic cardioid mic capsule
  • Frequency-agile design with 100 switchable frequencies
  • Up to 295' range between transmitter and receiver
  • XLR balanced and 1/4" unbalanced output connectors
  • For setups requiring multiple wireless microphones, up to 20 systems can operate at the same time
  • Rugged, all-metal construction
  • Autoscan finds the optimal frequency setting
  • IR sync wirelessly matches transmitter and receiver frequencies
  • Transmitter and receiver feature low battery indicators
  • Transmitter utilizes 2 AA Batteries for over 12 hours of operation
  • Rackmounting hardware and antenna relocation kit included
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