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D'Addario EJ32C Folk Nylon Ball End Classical Guitar Strings

D'Addario EJ32C Folk Nylon Ball End Classical Guitar Strings

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D’Addario Folk Nylon strings bring the alluring sound of nylon to all types of acoustic guitars. Folk Nylon sets feature ball ends, making them compatible with other, non-classical acoustic guitars. Combining silver-wound nylon core basses with clear nylon trebles, Folk Nylon guitar strings bring warm, mellow, nylon tone to any acoustic. This Normal Tension set is our best-selling tension, preferred for the balance of rich tone, comfortable feel, and dynamic projection.

  • Folk Nylons bring the sweet sound of nylon to acoustic guitars with ball-end bridges.
  • These strings afford extra warmth and mellowness to non-classical acoustics.
  • This set features ball ends, nylon core basses wound with silver-plated copper, and black nylon treble strings.
  • D’Addario Folk Nylon sets come with a code on the recyclable VCI bag, which you can register to earn Players Circle points.
  • Our classical guitar strings are made in the USA—drawn to exacting specifications at our New York production facility.



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