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Dunlop Jazz iii 1.38mm (one dozen)

Dunlop Jazz iii 1.38mm (one dozen)

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In Dunlop’s half-century of history, they have completely revolutionized the world of guitar picks with space-age materials like tortex, ultex, and delrex, materials that are now the de-facto standard for guitarists around the world. However, when Jim Dunlop first opened his doors in 1971, he started with one material that has been around ever since: the humble nylon pick.

A diverse tonal legacy

The fact that nylon has weathered the advent of newer and more innovative plastics is a testament to its tone, durability, and versatility. In its heavier widths, it produces a warm sound that’s favored by jazz guitarists and other mellow tone chasers. The sound of a very thin nylon pick produces the iconic “clicky” acoustic guitar sound that textures so many classic recordings of the 20th century. Not just a sound of the past, nylon has secured its place in the future with Dunlop’s immensely popular Jazz III line of picks.

Jazz III shape: the popular choice among technical guitarists

Dunlop’s Jazz III picks are immensely popular among technical players in the guitar world — from the pick’s namesake genre to blazingly fast metal guitarists! Sweetwater guitarists find that the original nylon variation delivers the most smooth and warm tone across the Jazz III line. The Jazz III's signature thick and somewhat compact size, coupled with its sharp point, boasts a level of control that's unparalelled among pick shapes.

Dunlop Jazz III Nylon Guitar Pick Features:

  • Jazz III shape provides an exceedingly smooth tone, with all the speed and control that the Jazz series is known for
  • Nylon delivers a round, warm tone
  • Flexible construction that's highly durable and long lasting
  • Strong grip that prevents the pick from slipping out of your fingers
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