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DVP4 Volume X Mini Pedal (NEW)

DVP4 Volume X Mini Pedal (NEW)

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Designed in collaboration with Pedaltrain, the Dunlop DVP5 (X) 8 volume and expression pedal is built to be a perfect fit for Pedaltrain’s Metro, Classic, Novo, and Terra Series pedalboards. With its long-lasting low-friction band drive, the DVP5 (X) 8 provides responsive control over volume and stompbox parameters. Additionally, the DVP5 (X) 8 includes a tuner output and internal control for setting minimum effect level parameters and polarity.

Dunlop DVP5 Volume (X) 8 Pedal Features:

Designed with Pedaltrain for perfect alignment with Metro, Classic, Novo, and Terra Series pedalboards

Responsive throw for smooth volume swells and parameter controls

Long-lasting patented low-friction band drive

Volume, FX, output, and tuner jacks

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