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Elixir 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings With NANOWEB Coating, Light (.012-.053)

Elixir 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings With NANOWEB Coating, Light (.012-.053)

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Elixir Strings is thrilled to introduce the Light Nanoweb Acoustic Guitar Strings. Constructed with 80/20 phosphor bronze wrap wire and Elixir's exclusive NANOWEB coating, these light gauge strings deliver bright, expressive tone with the natural feel of uncoated strings. The NANOWEB coating protects the whole string, preserving tone and tuning stability two to five times longer than uncoated strings.

NANOWEB Coating: An Ultra-Thin Shield Against Tone Loss

Elixir Strings' revolutionary NANOWEB coating protects strings from the damaging effects of dirt, sweat and oils from your hands, enabling extended tone life and tuning stability. Despite its durable protection, the micro-thin coating allows the strings to maintain an uncoated feel. Experience vibrant tone and performance for days longer than uncoated strings.

Phosphor Bronze Wrap Wire: Warmth, Clarity and Focus

The 80/20 phosphor bronze wrap wire delivers a characteristically warm yet focused tone with vibrant clarity. The phosphor bronze alloy is a popular choice for folk and acoustic players seeking to enhance the natural tone of their instrument. Combined with the NANOWEB coating, these strings offer consistent, expressive tone for an extended period.

Light Gage: Comfort and Playability

The light gauge of these strings of 12-53 provides comfortable tension and effortless playability for most acoustic guitarists. The light gauge and NANOWEB coating work together to create a slick, fast-playing string that is gentle on the fingertips.

Built to Withstand

In addition to protecting against grime and corrosion, Elixir's Light Nanoweb Acoustic Guitar Strings are built to withstand temperature and humidity fluctuations. Their unmatched durability provides consistent performance and tone in an array of playing conditions. Trust your tone to the acoustic strings that have set the standard for coated performance.


  • Gauges: 12-16-24-32-42-53
  • Acoustic guitar strings constructed with 80/20 (80% copper, 20% zinc) bronze wrap wire 
  • Played for a crisp, bright tone with an expressive, vibrant presence
  • Ultra-thin NANOWEB Coating provides a more traditionally textured, “uncoated” feel 
  • Patented coating technology protects against common corrosion, extending tone life longer than any other brand’s coated or uncoated strings (Elixir Strings player survey)
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