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Fender Hammertone Metal (NEW)

Fender Hammertone Metal (NEW)

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Screaming high-gain stompboxes are rarely this affordable — or brutal! Fender’s Hammertone Metal distortion pedal assaults your amp’s front end with unrelenting force. This loudmouthed stompbox utilizes a Fender-designed circuit that’s equal parts dirty and dynamic. Use the active 2-band EQ and Gain knob to tame the beast or let it loose. Fans of vintage distortions will also appreciate that the Hammertone Metal includes a battery compartment for different power options. This pedal comes housed in an aluminum chassis with top-mounted jacks and true bypass switching. If you’re looking for an accessible high-gain stompbox, you've met your match with the Fender Hammertone Metal.

Fender Hammertone Metal Distortion Pedal Features:

  • Fender-designed high-gain circuit pummels the front end of your amp
  • 2-band active EQ offers powerful tone-shaping
  • True-bypass switching leaves your tone uncolored when not in use
  • 9V power input and battery compartment let you power the pedal however you want
  • Top-mounted I/O jacks help the pedal fit into tight spaces
  • Sturdy aluminum chassis stands up to punishment
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