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Fender Lost Highway Phaser Pedal (NEW)

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The Fender Lost Highway analog Phaser Pedal adds unique shades of color, movement, and texture to chords and leads. It sports a look and tone unlike any phaser pedal you’ve played before. An all-original, Fender-designed circuit resides in a robust aluminum chassis and packs some seriously hot tonal commodities. First up is the footswitchable speed control, which toggles fast and slow phasing speeds — each with independent rate and depth — for slow, breathtaking dimensionality to organ-like faster rates, all without touching a knob. The Fender Lost Highway Phaser’s wave switch provides access to triangle and sine waveforms for overdriven Eddie leads to subtler Cure sweetness, alongside switchable 4- and 8-stage phasing for added or reduced resonance. Also unique is the Lost Highway’s Sensitivity control, which increases modulation rate as you pick harder — another sweet hands-free feature. A Fender amp jewel LED gives your pedalboard that classic one-two audiovisual punch.

Fender Lost Highway Phaser Pedal Features:

  • All-original analog phaser circuit from Fender
  • Footswitchable slow/fast speeds with independent rate and depth
  • Wave toggle switch selects between sine and triangle waveforms
  • 4- and 8-stage phasing effects
  • Sensitivity control allows you to change modulation rate with your playing dynamics
  • LED-backlit knobs make it easy to see your settings on a dark stage
  • Patent-applied-for magnetically latched 9-volt battery door
  • Rugged yet lightweight anodized aluminum chassis
  • Fender amp jewel LED