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Fender Tone Master Pro Multi-effects Guitar Workstation

Fender Tone Master Pro Multi-effects Guitar Workstation

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The Fender Tone Master Pro multi-effects guitar workstation melds the best of cutting-edge digital modeling with the tube-powered soul of the world’s most iconic amplifiers, pushing the company’s Tone Master technology to its very pinnacle. This all-in-one rig replacement boasts over 100 amplifier and effects models to choose from, all subject to Fender’s ultra-accurate Tone Master process to ensure that every detail and sonic nuance carries over from analog to digital in full detail. And while the Tone Master Pro is flush with endless sonic options — including 6,000 configurable IRs, 504 preset slots, and an in-depth Tone Master Pro desktop editor — this unit’s full-color 7-inch graphic touchscreen, dual rotary knobs, and 10 scribble-strip-equipped footswitches are designed for a supremely straightforward and inviting workflow. You also get everything you need to take on the stage or studio, including four FX loops, a 60-second looper, full MIDI functionality, third-party IR support, and an XLR mic input. It all adds up to the Tone Master Pro being the most powerful and comprehensive piece of modeling hardware Fender’s produced yet, and one all but guaranteed to become the centerpiece of your rig for years and years to come.

Fender Tone Master Pro Multi-effects Guitar Workstation Features:

  • A comprehensive digital amp and effect modeling unit inspired by Fender’s world-renowned tone master series of amplifiers
  • Over 100 amps and effects to choose from, all modeled with the same exacting precision as the Tone Master amplifier series
  • Contains models of both classic and modern Fender amplifiers, in addition to a host of other all-time great amps
  • Incredibly intuitive UI and workflow courtesy of a high-visibility 7-inch touchscreen, 2 rotary knobs, and 10 footswitches/encoders with LCD scribble strips
  • Over 6,000 IRs onboard, with an extensive Cab Editor section that supplies 33 cabs, 7 mics, and 32 cab positions to choose from
  • Load up your favorite third-party IRs to pair with your Tone Master Pro creations
  • Craft up to 504 onboard presets of your favorite sonic combinations, with true preset spillover for delay and reverb trails
  • 2 simultaneous signal chains available with parallel path options
  • Preset sharing available to share your custom tonal creations, with world-class Artist presets available from some of the biggest names in the music industry
  • Tone Master Pro desktop editor app available for players who prefer to dial in their presets on the big screen
  • Comprehensive tone-shaping and EQ controls, including a global EQ and preset-specific EQs
  • Song and Set List modes make it a breeze to set yourself up for the perfect gig
  • Loop mode provides 60 seconds of loop time and transforms your footswitches with dedicated looping functions, including as 1-shot, reverse, half-speed, and more
  • 4 FX loops to integrate outboard effects, with FX loops 3 and 4 offering the ability to be combined for a stereo FX loop
  • Includes both instrument and XLR inputs with 48V phantom power available
  • Bluetooth functionality to stream audio from your mobile device
  • USB to connect to the desktop editor, unlock audio interface functionality, and for firmware updates
  • 1/4-inch headphone jack allows for silent practice sessions
  • Robust metal chassis in an easily portable form factor, clocking in at under 9 lbs.


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