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Ibanez Flanger Mini Pedal

Ibanez Flanger Mini Pedal

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When you need rich flanger and phaser effects, but can't spare much room on your pedalboard, you'll appreciate the Ibanez Flanger Mini pedal. Its all-analog circuitry serves up voluptuous phasing and flanging effects, with controls for Depth, Regeneration, and Speed to dial in your ideal tone. And when it's not engaged, the Flanger Mini is removed completely from your signal path thanks to true bypass switching. Ask any guitarist — the Ibanez Flanger Mini pedal delivers vibrant modulation effects in a conveniently compact stompbox.

Ibanez Flanger Mini Pedal Features:

  • Phaser/flanger effects pedal for electric guitar
  • 100% analog circuitry for rich, chewy sonic character
  • True bypass switching completely removes the effect from your signal path
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