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Ibanez Phaser Mini Pedal

Ibanez Phaser Mini Pedal

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Ibanez is renowned for lush analog phasers, including their iconic PT-9 and PT-909 units. Now, they’ve taken their legendary phaser sound and packed it into one of the most feature-rich mini-format pedals we’ve ever seen. The Ibanez Phaser Mini offers both 4-stage and 6-stage phasing at the flick of a switch, and it gives you total control over the speed and depth of the effect, as well as a Feedback control. Subtle sweeps, deep, resonant wooshes, and everything in between are available right at your fingertips. With its 100% analog circuitry and true bypass switching, the Ibanez Phaser Mini is one pint-sized modulation effect you’ll definitely want to sneak into your cramped pedalboard!

Ibanez Phaser Mini Pedal Features:

  • Classic analog phasing in an ultra-compact format
  • Ideal for subtle sweeps, deep, resonant wooshes, and everything in between
  • Select between 4- and 6-stage phasing
  • Flexible tone shaping with Depth, Feedback, and Speed controls
  • Roadworthy durable housing
  • Made in Japan
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