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Ibanez Talman Bass Standard - Iced Americano Burst

Ibanez Talman Bass Standard - Iced Americano Burst

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Ibanez set out to create a merger of classic looks, classic tones, and modern performance with their Talman Bass Standard. We are happy to report that Ibanez has achieved their goal. This well-priced bass guitar doesn’t skimp on stellar sound, thanks to a combination of Dynamix P and J pickups. Here, you’ll find those classic tones from days gone by and new ones ready and waiting. The body of the Talman Standard is made of poplar, setting it up for a strong tonal foundation, while an ash top adds a little extra charm and dimension. A bolt-on roasted maple neck reels in your fretting hand while it comfortably transverses the rich rosewood fingerboard. See what the fuss is all about with the Ibanez Talman Bass Standard.

Ibanez Talman Bass Standard Features:

  • Tamo ash top over a poplar body
  • Comfortable body shape with a classy design
  • Bolt-on roasted maple neck for fretting comfort
  • Rich rosewood fingerboard with 20 medium frets
  • Eye-catching fingerboard inlays, high-quality hardware, and oversized tuning keys add visual charm
  • Dynamix P and J pickups deliver classic bass sound with tons of versatility
  • Sculpt your sound with an Ibanez Custom 2-band EQ
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