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Ibanez WH10 V3 Wah Pedal (NEW)

Ibanez WH10 V3 Wah Pedal (NEW)

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Originally released in the 1980s and popularized in the 1990s by John Frusciante from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Ibanez WH10 Wah Pedal distinguishes itself from other wah pedals with its creamy filter sweeps, rich wooly tone, and incredible interaction with overdrive, distortion, and fuzz boxes. Guitarists dig the WH10 for its full feature set, including a Depth knob for setting the intensity of the wah effect and a range switch to optimize it for bass or guitar. To capture the true essence of the original unit, the V3 edition resurrects the multiple feedback op-amp, which maintains consistent gain across frequency ranges for unmatched smoothness when sweeping the filter. And, the V3 adds some long-desired upgrades, such as switchable bypass and an ultra-durable, die-cast housing in lieu of the original’s notoriously fragile plastic enclosure. Boldly singular and packed with swagger, the Ibanez WH10 V3 is a different kind of wah that captures your attention and won’t let go!

Ibanez WH10 V3 Wah Pedal Features:

  • Upgraded V3 edition of a classic ’80s wah pedal
  • Set the intensity of the effect with the depth knob
  • Choose the ideal frequency range for guitar or bass
  • Multiple feedback op-amp maintains consistent volume when sweeping frequencies
  • Select between true bypass or buffered bypass
  • Housed in an ultra-durable, die-cast metal enclosure
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