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JHS 3 Series Overdrive Pedal (NEW)

JHS 3 Series Overdrive Pedal (NEW)

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The JHS 3 Series guitar pedals go back to the basics, streamlining the controls to just three knobs to serve up serious, straight-ahead tone! Housed in a sleek, no-frills enclosure, the JHS 3 Series Overdrive uses a trifecta of Volume, Body, and Drive controls to generate everything from a touch of grit to blistering dimed-amp distortion. Guitarists have found the 3 Series Overdrive useful as an always-on pedal for nudging a tube amp into its sweet spot or as a boost for pushing fuzz pedals and high-gain distortion boxes over the edge. For added versatility, JHS included a Gain switch to let you select between compressed, saturated distortion or a wide-open crunch that responds nicely to touch dynamics. With its no-nonsense attitude and budget-friendly price, the JHS 3 Series Overdrive is an ideal dirt pedal for greenhorn guitarists and grizzled weekend warriors alike!

JHS 3 Series Overdrive Pedal Features:

Affordable, streamlined overdrive pedal

Simple 3-knob design: Volume, Body, Drive

Go from subtle grit to growling amp-style overdrive

Use Gain toggle to select between compressed drive or wide-open crunch

Runs on 9-volt DC negative center power (power adapter not included)

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