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JHS ABY Active A/B/Y Switch Pedal (NEW)

JHS ABY Active A/B/Y Switch Pedal (NEW)

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Use the JHS ABY switch to route your guitar or bass signal two different ways, and switch between them on the fly. Switching is completely silent, thanks to FET transistors. And the ABY switch features an output transformer for maximum signal quality. Switch between outputs A and B with one footswitch, or engage them both with the other switch. When it comes to splitting your signal to two effects paths, using two amplifiers simultaneously, or any other application, we highly recommend the JHS ABY switch.

JHS ABY Active A/B/Y Switch Features:

  • Active A/B/Y switch for guitar and bass
  • Splits your signal to 2 separate outputs
  • Switch outputs with the A/B switch, or use both simultaneously with the Y switch
  • Completely silent switching
  • Output transformer maintains your signal quality
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