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JHS Artificial Blonde Madison Cunningham Signature Vibrato - Blue (NEW)

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If you’re as big a fan of Madison Cunningham, then you need to plug your Jazzmaster (or other trusty axe) into the Artificial Blonde. Madison's music has been hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as "a new spin on West Coast folk-rock, with classical tendencies, electric guitars, jazz-school chord changes, and alt-rock strut." This uber-signature pedal from JHS encapsulates the secret behind her eclectic tone. With independently switchable speed/depth sections, you can craft moving vibrato and those coveted mildly sea-sick tones that are uniquely Madison's own. And guess what? This is the first stereo pedal ever made by JHS. That’s right, you’ll have access to stereo L/R outputs for dynamically full sound. A shared volume and EQ section then lets you polish off your vintage vibrato sounds.

JHS Artificial Blonde Madison Cunningham Artist Signature Pedal Features: 

  • Modulated sound and vintage vibrato that's uniquely Madison Cunningham
  • Access moving vibratos and mildly seasick clean tones
  • JHS's first stereo pedal, with access to stereo L/R outputs that deliver full sound
  • 2 independent switchable speed/depth sections 
  • A shared volume/EQ section to polish your vibrato off