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JHS Double Barrel V4 2-in-1 Dual Overdrive Pedal (NEW)

JHS Double Barrel V4 2-in-1 Dual Overdrive Pedal (NEW)

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Tone stacking for low-to-medium gain settings doesn't get any better. The JHS Double Barrel V4 features the latest versions of two of JHS's most popular drive circuits: the Morning Glory V4 and Moonshine V2. The Morning Glory side is based on a popular purple-and-gold overdrive known for its transparent gain and touch dynamics. This works well as a clean boost and to add subtle dirt and sparkle to amp breakup. On the Moonshine side, you get classic shades of green midrange-forward overdrive for glassy solos and thick chordal crunch. A top toggle switch lets you stack and re-order the Double Barrel V4 on the fly, while independent Drive, Tone, and Vol controls let you dial in each tone to taste.

JHS Double Barrel V4 Dual Overdrive Pedal Features:

  • 2 sought-after overdrives in 1
  • Covers all bases for low-to-medium gain settings
  • Independent, stackable JHS Morning Glory V4 and Moonshine V2 circuits
  • Transparency and touch dynamics from the Morning Glory side
  • Saturation and midrange presence from the Moonshine side
  • Toggle switch re-orders pedals on the fly: Moonshine --> Morning Glory, or Morning Glory --> Moonshine
  • Independent Drive, Vol, and Tone settings for each side
  • Requires a standard center-negative 9-volt power supply (not included)
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