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JHS The Clover Preamp Pedal (NEW)

JHS The Clover Preamp Pedal (NEW)

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Based on a preamp pedal from the '80s favored by the Edge from U2 and other discerning players, the JHS Clover preamp pedal is primed to be your always-on tone-shaping tool. It's equipped for acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, with your choice of 1/4-inch or balanced XLR outputs. In addition to the 3-band EQ, the Clover makes it easy to tighten up your sound with its side-mounted Low-cut DIP switch. And with plenty of boost available, you can use the JHS Clover preamp pedal to overdrive your favorite amplifier.

JHS The Clover Preamp Pedal Features:

  • Preamplifier pedal for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass guitar
  • Shape your tone with the 3-band EQ
  • Rotary switch selects from 3 EQ modes: Full EQ, No Mids, and No EQ
  • Low-cut DIP switch cuts unnecessary bass and tightens your tone
  • Balanced XLR outputs allow you to send your signal direct to a modeler, mixer, or recording device
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